Jennifer's Summer Must Haves

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Hello Closet freaks,

So today's post will be on our head lady & founder Jennifer Dawn's Summer essentials to feel Summer time fine. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Sunscreen – Protect your face baby!
  2. A great pair of cut off denim shorts.- A pair that goes with everything. You can wear during the day at the pool or dress up with a bad pair of heels at night. I love my light wash levi cut off shorts.
  3. Banging nail art- It’s the best new accessory. You can be super dressed down. When your nails are banging, your outfit can go from boring to everything.
  4. A new summer hairdo-I love changing my hair just for summer. I always go lighter with my hair color.  A cute short pixie cut is a must for me during the summer. Although I am thinking about trying a cute bob this summer.
  5. Every girl MUST have a summer cocktail.- I have a few. One of my favs for summer is a good Mojito. So refreshing on a hot summer day. Don’t forget to drink water!
  6. Hot new music- Is it just me, or does the best songs drop in the summer? The latest music is a must have.
  7. A good bikini- Duh. I see so many amazing swimsuits. They get better and better each year. However I personally only look good in a string bikini. It just fits my body best. I really wish I looked good in those cute pin up style swimsuits. But I don’t.
  8. Coochie – I know sounds crazy right Trust me, this is the BEST ever shaving crème ever!!!! After using this stuff you will never ever use anything else. Get it here right at Closet Freak. Shop girly things. You will thank me later.
  9. A nice quick getaway spot- Not every summer do I have time to go on a real vacation. But going on a quick getaway is a must. I live in LA. So a quick weekend trip to Vegas, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego or San Francisco are nice easy spots to go and relax at.
  10. The beach- I am a total beach bum and summer is really the only time you can go and not be freezing cold. I love going with a few friends. I always bring snacks and music. A bond fire at night, or even a solo morning run before I start my day.

-xo Closet Freak


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