Fashion Icon: Jeremy Scott

Posted by Autumn Mae Myers on

Hi Closet Freaks,
So fashion icon of the week will have to go to fly guy and head of Moschino, Jeremy Scott. His designs have made it to why fashion is original and art. A true innovator by incorporating different styles and art into his work. He even made McDonalds Fashionable. Designing looks for babes like Miley & Nicki Minaj to style out had us turning heads. He does more then his brand,   for example designing new collections for Adidas.The newest collection he made was perfect for summer and gave the line a new edge.  It has us buzzing with the new tropical prints and bright colors. We would say the main reason he is a fashion icon is for the fact everyone told him his style was outlandish and too different. Instead of backing down he  gave all the critics a middle finger and stayed true to his aesthetic. He is a true icon and man to celebrate.
-xo Closet Freak


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