Fashion Spotlight: Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Hey Fashion Dolls,


So you know the Jenner girls right? Well if you have been living under a rock for the past 6 years, the Jenner girls are sisters to the reality starlets  the Kardashians. If you watched the show for the last 6 years & many seasons, you remember them as cute and innocent. Well forget that because these innocent girls grown into fashion's most buzzed about "IT" girls. Kendall Jenner has been modeling for names like Chanel, Victoria Secret, Givenchy, Tumblr & Tipsy, Sherri Hill, and so many more names. She's only 18 and her resume is bigger then most models in the game. Not only she models her and Kylie Jenner created clothing lines for Pac Sun which have sold out continuously in stores. The pair have written their first teen novel, became style ambassadors for Seventeen Magazine,  and make up ambassadors for MAC & Inglot. These babes are doing it all. However their fashion sense is what really has us buzzing. The Jenner girls are getting sexier and more sophisticated every event we see them attend. Kendall Hit the new subtle almost naked trend when appearing on the Much Music Awards in a duo split gown with no undies! Fausto Puglisi Design was gorgeous on the model and let us say, Kendall's body is on point. Kylie looks equally sexy for a 16 year old. A body con  from the designer Fausto Puglisi as well.  .It's still shocking to say this girl is just 16. These girls are making it known they are more then Kim's sisters. This post will continue on with more photos of the gorgeous pair and their fashion moments, so enjoy! Well dolls this concludes fashion spotlight!

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Kendall Jenner at book signing









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