Fashion Moments: EDC's Best Looks

Hey Closet Freaks,
Music Festival season has arrived this Summer  and typically  Coachella is the kick off. Then you have Lollapoloza, Made in America, Life Is Beautiful; but nothing is like EDC  Las Vegas. The Electric Daisy Concert is a 3 day event of endless dj's and performers displaying their best work and ladies bring out out the best raver costumes. We can say for a edgy and bold brand that the outfits is our favorite part! Love seeing how creative some ladies get to make their costume themes from Disney, cartoon characters, animals, and imaginary creatures. It  is like a show down for who can make the most outrageous costume. We love it! Since EDC was here this past weekend, we thought it would fun to share the best looks!
Why not give you ideas for the next upcoming festivals? Hope you dolls enjoy!
-xo Closet Freak

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