Fashion Moments: How to Make a Men's Fashion Week Sexy on You!

Posted by Autumn Mae Myers on

Hey Closet Freaks,
The men's fashion week was filled with graphic prints and sleek suits mixed with 70's style. It was all amazing to see how you find men's and women fashion colliding. It's refreshing to see more variety in men's fashion besides sleek suits and ties. The different trends we see can also be worn as unisex. This trend is one that is taking off everywhere. Why should men have the best suits and prints? Woman can rock more then dresses and bows! I love where this trend is taking us and we love seeing the ladies taking on men's roles in fashion and in the office. If you want to know how to start on this trend we know how! We have the perfect items for you to start this trend....

Bold tartan prints is a form of plaid and is typically worn by the men with a nice solid button down. So why not try our funky groove pants with a nice black button down and sling back heels for a day at the office! Add some statement jewelry and a nice watch and your all good for that big important meeting.


Bold black and white prints were seen on the runway and can be in different prints such as this Top Man Top shown here. The fly girl polka dot, we have in stores would make a great outfit piece for you to have in your closet. Men typically can wear this with dark denim or slacks. We suggest wearing our dress with a black jeans for the oversize shirt look and adding it with loafers. That way you can make this feminine with hints of men's fashion


Fringe Jackets are making a huge comback. A article in Vogue just claimed that Festival/boho fashion is here to stay. We love what the men are doing with the whole 70's retro vibe so let us try it too? We have a fringe jacket just as fly as the Top Man Design shown here. Men would typically wear this with dark denim and gray slacks. We suggest black denim or even a long floor length skirt. To give a slender shape and structure while sporting this jacket.
well Closet Freaks that's our fashion moments for the day. Hope you love all the ideas and shop for these closet pieces in our store!
-xo Autumn Mae


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