On The Run Tour : Fashions & Amazements

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Hey Closet Freaks,

 So if you read the trend sites and watch E news then you know how everyone is buzzing about how the kick off to the tour was amazing. Beyonce wore exclusive fashions by Diesel, Versace, and many other couture designs. They performed a total of 40 songs. Both duo and solo hits that made the crowd fall in love. The moments became intimate when the duo sang forever young and the footage of the unseen wedding finally was seen to the world. It then showed baby footage of little Blue Ivy. It was an amazing night for the couple. All the tours have been sold out and from what they are saying, it's worth attending. The video above is just the rehearsal footage. Some of the tour footage has not yet made YouTube but the trend sites. So look for more. This tour in our opinion is equally artistic and fashionable.




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