Fashion Moments: BET Awards 2014

Hello Closet Freaks,


This past weekend was filled with excitement leading to the BET awards on television. We seen everything from the amazing Lionel Richie being honored, shade thrown to Iggy by Miss Minaj, and Beyonce showing one of her best videos. Just kidding, but on a serious side we loved seeing some of the fashions and styles these artist, celebrities, and attendees had. Some shined like our fave man skateboard P. & then some werre crossing the line. So we will show you guys are favorite looks and some that could've hit harder.


Ciara & her fiance rapper Future looked glam with matching color scheme ensembles. The Bralette and pencil skirt was nice look for sporting the no more baby bump.

We know we didn't style this look but Neyo looks similar to someone else? Spotted wearing the same necklace as Pharrell and similar hat.

Neyo looked nice however sporting this look. Our fashion tip would be to remove the cardigan because it is taking away from the leather pants in a sense.

Zendaya looked sexy in this varsity jacket and slit maxi skirt combo. She had such an appeal and glam to her look that made us forget she was on Disney. We hope the new Aaliyah movie she is starring in on life time has these fashions.



That is our favorite BET Awards styles and moments. We enjoyed seeing the BET culture grow and thrive to what it is known for today. Hope you babes enjoyed this post.

-xo Closet Freak


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