Trend DIY: Custom Sunglasses

Posted by Autumn Mae Myers on

Hey Closet Freaks
A fun summer trend is here and it's the custom sunglasses with all the bling or fancy designs. We seen this at festivals, funky fashionistas, and some stylish celebs. Well today we are going to tell you the steps to have fun with this!
What you need!
  • Sunglasses to customize
  • craft glue or hot glue gun
  • some studs, rhinestones, flower decor, or anything you like (craft store)
  • A giant smile!

Okay so after you have all of these necessities to make these items the next thing you need is to follow these instructions carefully!

  1. Think of a fun design you want to create with your sunglasses
  2. start gluing on your rhinestone or craft decal with the glue
  3. do this one by one until desired design
  4. next let the glasses dry for 10 minutes
  5. Now Style Out!

Hope you dolls enjoyed this fun tutorial! These Sunnies would look even better with our pieces we have? Enjoy the day!

-xo Closet Freak



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