Food Trends in Los Angeles

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Hello Closet Freaks,
Did you babes enjoy the sale! The holiday weekend was fun fun fun. I know we all have to hit the gym hard this week and cut back on that late night M&M's obsession but first before you do... We have some yummy food trends you should try. So for all of our L.A. locals you probably know these yummy foods. However for our travelers and L.A.  visitors, you don't want to stand out like tourist forever taking beach pictures and asking around for ideas. We have your back! The fun trends are all yummy filled with bacon and or ice cream. Doughnut places are doing ice cream sandwiches and it's a craving you must cave into. They are doing different things with these doughnuts! Filling them with fruity pebbles, bacon, and some even have nutella! You have to scan and find different places to try this if you want an  amazing mouthgasm. The next fun trend where you see everyone doing is food trucks. Back in the days you would call this trend street meat. However you have fun themed ones with vegan, fatty, and or yummy foods. You can spot them anywhere and they have a gourmet selection. There is some yummy ones that sell nothing but bacon on their food for you bacon maniacs. Ones that have nothing but cheese on every food item! Try these trends and have fun and eat well. Do those extra squats later but eat loco now! 
-xo Closet Freak
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