Healthy Tips: 20 Minute Ab Workouts

Hello Closet Freaks,
We enjoyed the cocktails and summer food right? Our bodies have been treated to fun and now it's time to get back to our workout routines and healthy food. There are so many routines you do at the gym right? Well what about the 20 minute ab routine to help you loose the bloating of the summer food! It's amazing and easy. Why even go to the gym? We promise if you are motivated and happy you will be loosing the weight in no time and you will look amazing doing it. Here's the routine you need to do.
  •   1 plank + standing oblique planks
  • pilates pulse + leg lifts
  • side crunches
  • cross over planks
Do this for the minimum time of 20 minutes and you will see a difference as you continually go on. Need help seeing what these moves look like go onto Youtube for more! -xo Closet Freak

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