Laura Govan, Edge Magazine and Closet Freak makes magic..

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We recently provided wardrobe for Laura Govan's Edge Magazine photo shoot. She was super sweet, funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

Peep a few excerpts and the full spread below:

On How She became a part of the Basketball Wives LA Cast 

My sister & I (Gloria) actually pitched the idea of doing a spin off series to VH1. On one of the previous seasons of the Miami show there was an episode where I was basically being attacked and lied on by a group of women who had never even met me a day in their life and that wasn’t fair to me. I felt like I needed an outlet to voice my opinions and show people who I really am and not who these women tried to create me to be.

On what people would be surprised to know about her

Probably how domestic I am. I cook dinner for my man and my children every night, do the laundry, drive the kids to school, etc. I really am a modern day housewife.

On if people should take reality shows for face value

- “I think so. The show is produced. Sure, the cameras are always on but of course they’re not going to show me changing my son’s diaper or watching a movie at home with the kids after having just cooked dinner. The reason being is because that wouldn’t be entertaining. The show was created to be entertainment and so that’s what you get.”

On the biggest misconception that viewers may have about her from watching the show
- “The biggest misconception would be that I’m a bully and I’m always trying to fight with someone. I’m a very nice person and the only time I have problems is when someone takes my kindness for weakness.”

On what she would like for her legacy to be

That I was a hustler. I didn’t stop. I didn’t quit. I want my legacy to be that everyone who knew me loved me and was proud of me.

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