Freak Of The Week!

Posted by Jennifer Lewis on

 Its Friday!!!! Time for this weeks 'Freak Of The Week' and this week we went with Jordan Daniel aka @dordanjaniel of instagram. Follow her and check out her pic below. Last time we chose a more fun girly look. This week we decided to go with the tuff girl punk look. We love it Jordan! Maybe we will see you here again next week. Or maybe it will be YOU! Who knows who will be the next 'Freak Of The Week' Meet you all back here again next Friday. Cheers! xoxox


  • What a gorgeous girl. Great stuff Cherie. BTW, the imaegs were not showing for me, I had to right click to show in other window. Could be just me but you might want to check it. Anyways, fabulous pictures!

    Adelayo on

  • Cindy, Hi.. I just emailed a pitcrue to the website that I took standing next to the concession booth at the Bell Witch from October of 09 it was me, my daughter and step daughter and we were the last ones to leave.. We stayed there alittle longer talking to you and your mom about the strange things that had happened.. and as I was standing there, I got this cold chill go down my spine.. I kept trying to shake it off and it just wouldn’t go away.. You finally asked me what was wrong and I told you it felt like someone had walked over my grave and you told me to throw my camera over my shoulder and a take a pic.. honestly I thought that was kinda weird.. but up for anything.. so after like the 3rd to 5th pitcrue something popped up and I screamed when I looked at it I showed it to you .. then you yelled for your mom to come look at it.. Sorry it has taken me so long to send to you. We are planning a trip in a couple of weeks with some friends for the extended tour.. Excited about coming and hoping to get something else on my camera again.. Can’t wait to see you again..

    Margarida on

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