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...Me! So my name is Alyssa and I am happy to say that I am now a part of the Closet Freak team as the intern fashion blogger! I am so extremely excited and ready to keep you all up to date with anything and everything going on not only in the fashion world, but the Closet Freak world as well. I consider my readers my closest friends in the cyberspace. I want you guys to feel like you can interact with me. For example, request topics for me to blog about or ask questions that are on your mind, and I'll be there.

So we establish a relationship, let me give a little information about myself! I am twenty years young and a full-time student, fiance, and mom to my dog Gucci. I  manage my own personal blog where I talk about anything and everything if you want to check that out! My life is always a crazy beautiful mess, and I'm proud to now have The Closet Freak as part of it. Fashion is definitely my passion and my closet full of heels is my heaven. I LOVE being able to express who you are through what you wear, and I promise you that you can do that through the Closet Freak! 

Well that's me! I can't wait to start blogging and receiving feedback and suggestions from all of you. Always stay tuned because there will never be a dull moment! 

Always be yourself...and unleash your inner freak!!!

xo Alyssa 

Twitter: @xoLyssaLo

Instagram: @ xolyssalo


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