Bathing Suit Trends.

 Summer time means hanging out on the beach soaking up the sun. However, if you are a true fashionista, you know that your bathing suit has got to be hot hot hot. There are so many new trends and even old one's making an appearance this summer. Lucky for you, The Closet Freak has some trendy suits just for you. Caution, these hot suits may cause a lot of head turns and whistles!

The Bow Bandeau

The bandeau has not only been a trend with bathing suits but are often being worn under transparent tops, or with a pair of high-waist cutoffs. The Closet Freak loves how this swimwear line we carry, Lolli Swim, puts a twist on the design by adding a bow in the middle of the top and bottoms.

Berry Cute Bathing Suit

This is my favorite trend so far in bathing suits and what I love even more is the price! 25 bucks guys!!! At the moment we are currently sold out of this suit, but will have more back in stalk very soon, so stay tuned if you want one! Tavik Swimwear did a great job of proving that one piece suits can obviously still be stylish, while also covering up all the right places on your body. You can still feel comfortable, giving you the confidence to  rock it out.

Cuppy Cake Bikini

This look is a classic. You can mix and match the bottoms, and the bow adds a cute touch. You can always add some jewelry to dress it up, but it also has enough style to stand alone.This suit is also made by Lolli Swim.

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  • I work with young children, most of them linvig with only one parent, who is working full time. Some mothers or fathers feel so guilty for leaving their children in daycare that they grant them all financially possible wishes, including stuff like this swimsuit. they just don’t think, or don’t get it, like I recently had to learn.One 6 year old girl came to school with a spaghetti top, leaving her belly uncovered, the shirt actually had Little slut in golden letters all over the bustier part. I had her wearing her sportjacket over it whe whole day, when the mother came to take her home, the girl complained, said that I had been mean. I then translated Little slut to the mother, who had no idea and was extremely embarrassed. Girl won’t wear that shirt again. Score one for me, I seldom win. :)


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