Flattering Trends.

When you take the time putting together an outfit, I feel the most important thing is to always feel comfortable, and wear something that flatters YOUR body. Every woman was made different, and that is what makes us all so beautiful in our own way. It just kills me when I see someone who has an obvious sense of style, but cannot execute the look properly because of the lack of knowledge of their body! It is always important to know who you are, and love every inch of yourself. I have been keeping my eye on runway and street style and have been noticing some reoccurring trends that flatter certain body types. And of course, Closet Freak has all those trends for you in our shop. Look great, trendy, and comfortable, the Closet Freak way.

To fit your form, keep the curves in place, and hide some some of the thighs; the pencil skirt. 


Got long legs? Make your height sexy with some wide-legged pants


As Regina George from one of my favorite movies, Mean Girls, would say "At least you guys can wear halters. I have man shoulders!" If you're lucky enough to have those toned shoulder muscles, don't be afraid to show them off with a halter or off-the-shoulder top. 


Baby got back? AWESOME! Show what your mama gave ya in a peplum dress. The cut makes your waist look smaller, and adds a fitting form to your booty.




  • Those certainly are some girly clthoes! Very cute! :) Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I know you must be super excited! My 2-year anniversary is this month, but I still remember the eagerness of having the wedding be so.close!

  • Your closet sondus like mine I keep all my sheets there are about6 sets of those 5 different spreads 5 blankets duvets quilts shams my clothes, jackets and winter coats every time I say Im going to clean I look at the mess and just shut the door my shoes are burried some of them I keep those plastic rollng things under the bed with winter/summer clothes but I have at leasts 30 pairs of jeans I have a bar loaded with shirts dress pants a few dresses and a shelf .full too.I have already taken huge bags to the clothing drop off some clothes had tags on them,they say if you have,nt worn jeans or things in 6 months get rid of them.,


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