Look Right on Date Night.

So of course, getting ready for a date can be both an exciting, but stressful time in a ladies life. You want to look super chic, but also like you put yourself together in a carefree way. What you wear also depends on what you will be doing on your date. For example, you don't want to wear six inch heels to go miniature golfing; and you don't want to wear sneakers to go to a five star restaurant. To avoid these embarrassing dilemmas, Closet Freak has some outfit ideas that you can put together for any kind of date. 

Casual Date

This outfit is perfect for a date where you may be moving a lot, or if it's hot out. You will look stylish and funky fresh, while also being able to stay cool. Sweat stains are a total turn off.

Lunch Date

A fun, flirty dress with some wedges is usually the go-to outfit for a date that is during the day. Whether you're going out for a cup of coffee or to grab some lunch, you will look fun and flirty. 

Fancy Dinner 

The LBD...Little Black Dress. Every girl needs one of these in here closet. It's so classy I absolutely love it. You can dress it up or dress it down. For a nice dinner date, dress it up with some bold, but subtle jewelry and a sick pair of heels.

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