DIY: Cutout Mesh T-Shirt

Hey my Closet Freaks! So I realize that some of us may be living on a budget, and although fashion may be your passion, it's hard to keep up when the other necessities of life require more attention. That is why I am a big fan of DIY's, or Do It Yourself. There are so many that you can research from re-designing your old clothes, to making a jewelry holder for yourself. The main point of a DIY is to show your creativity, and add to your closet without taking away from your wallet. I just recently did a DIY that I'm going to share with you guys, and I hope you try it out! It puts a twist on an old t-shirt, can be worn over almost anything, and is light and breezy for some of these hot Summer days. 

The Cut-Out Mesh T-Shirt

My Version

So obviously my version did not turn out as neat, but with DIY's that is absolutely acceptable! Putting your own twist on even a DIY still adds a different look. All in all I liked how my shirt came out and I would like to buy a few inexpensive plain shirts like this in different colors so I can have one in every color. Stores actually sell shirts pre-made like this for over $20, so doing it yourself saves you a lot of money, and you gain individuality.

*Click here for the video I used on how to complete this DIY*


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