Beauty Trend- Talon Claws

To be a successful fashionista, one must always keep their pretty eyes peeled for any and all upcoming trends. A big trend that I like to keep up with is nail trends. It amazes me how many have emerged, and how nail painting really is a fun hobby. There was one I saw that seemed to go well with the Closet Freak look. It's fun, bright, and unique; talon claws. This look was sported a lot by a unique woman herself, Lady Gaga. It is now, however showing up on red carpet events and being sported by more big celebrities. The Closet Freak is a big fan of this trend, are you? Check out some of these celebrities trying out talon claws and how they put their own individuality on them.

Amber Rose


Katy Perry

Lady Gaga


Photos courtesy of Getty Images*

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