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As I have said before, it is really important to know your body. And while some women love showing off their curves, others would like them to be more discrete. If  you are one of those women, it's okay! Lucky for you,  three stylists of the stars  spill some tips about how to pull off a slimmer look this Summer. 

Monochromatic Outfits


"When wearing one shade, there is nothing to draw your eye to. Instead, your eye sees one shape, creating a lean silhouette. It doesn't break up the body."  - Nicole Chavez



"It's no secret!" - Johnny Wujek 

Inspired by the 50's


"I always find that anything that accentuates the waist (like a '50s-cut dress that is fitted in the bust and waist, but full at the hips) tends to be more flattering on fuller figures .... And, skirt lengths shouldn't go past the knees."  - Shirley Kurata



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  • I am always awed at the amunot of time energy and effort that Bill and his amazing team put into Transformation and this TV show clearly shows that aspect and committment. I really enjoyed the program and anyone starting the Super Summer Transformation Challenge or someone wanting to make simple healthy changes needs to see this program you just cant help but be inspired and touched. Transformation simply works and it works really well for those who give it an honest effort. Thanks Shane

    Mubeenaasharaf on

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