Multi-Textured Beauty

Searching for a new hair salon can be one of the most stressful times for a woman. If you are a multi-textured beauty, the odds are not always in your favor. Some stylists don't know the importance or care that goes into taking care of your natural locks. Whether you are a curly girl who lets her ringlets free, or a lady with luscious extensions, your hair is important to you; and keeping it looking healthy, while you're also happy, is a big priority. 

A few hair stylists give some tips and offer some products that may be just right for your type of hair...

"The care, maintenance and education of kinkier-textured tresses who have been historically overlooked by the mainstream. Hair Rules Salon takes the approach of educating its customers with techniques and products to maintain healthy textured hair."



"Chemical processes, with an emphasis on teaching clients to love and appreciate their natural hair before anything. African-American women grow up most of their lives not knowing their natural texture and not being comfortable with it. Before you can have healthy hair (be it natural, relaxed or colored), you must love it, respect it and appreciate it"



"With locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, Karen’s Beauty Bar Salon and her hair distribution company True Indian Hair both specialize in hair extensions. Her MO is fabulous, natural-looking extension installation with an emphasis on maintaining the health of the natural hair."

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