Printed Skirt Perfection

Hey ladies. So I know some of us may worry about the width of our legs, hips, and/or thighs, but I think we may have found the solution. It's time to embrace one of the biggest trends this Summer and upcoming Fall; printed skirts. The secret to slendernig your figure and pulling off the printed skirt look is to keep it simple, crisp, and clean up top.

Closet Freak printed skirts...all available on the site.



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  • I LOVE SKIRTS WITH POCKETS! I love keeping my hands nice and tstaoy, haha. You know what I don’t like? When they (pockets) add extra volume to your ass/hips! Make the pockets properly, please!And congrats with the weight loss. I’ve been trying to swim every other day but sometimes I’m just too darn lazy (like today)


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