SUPER Easy DIY: Customizing Your Leggings

Hey everyone! So this DIY I personally tried out myself and was really happy with the result. First because it took very little time, and second because I was able to save an old pair of leggings; instead of just throwing them away.

Materials You Will Need:

A pair of leggings


A piece of paper or index card (optional)


Step One: You are going to want a big surface to work on, just so when you lay out your leggings to cut them,  the seams will be lined up, or else the cuts you make will be in the wrong places.

Step Two: Cut a rectangle out of the piece of paper you have. This will be used to measure the length of each cut you make. If you are not insanely anal about that then you can just free hand it, like I did, and skip this step. It still comes looking awesome!


Step Three: Start cutting! In the picture below you can see how I used the small piece of my index card to measure the length and height of the slit I was cutting, just so I could give you a visual. You don't need to fold your leggings a certain way or anything either. Just lay them out flat. Just keep cutting slits all the way down the outside seam of the leggings, making sure to constantly check that the inseam is straight so your cuts don't travel all over the place. 


Step Four: When you unfold your leggings you can see the slits it made. Simple design that spices up an old pair of leggings.


Step Five: Put your outfit together and go rock it out... Like Kendall and Kylie Jenner did!


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