DIY Macramé Tank Top

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For a while the macramé trend was almost non-existent. But now it is emerging more than ever since being spotted on the runway in 2011 in Chanel, Gucci, and Robert Cavalli lines. So since it's comeback, I found a really cool DIY on turning an old tank top into a real piece of wearable art, and to honor this really cool trend that should never go out of style. 

- an oversized tank
- fabric scissors




[ TRIM ] – Trim off the entire hem of the tank top so that you have a raw bottom hem.

[ MEASURE ] – Measure the length that you want the fringe to go up to. This should be just below the bra line if you want a top that’s easy to wear with a normal bra. You can draw a chalk line across the shirt at this measurement to make sure that all cuts end at the same point.

[ MEASURE ] – Measure across and determine how wide you want to cut your strips. I made them approximately 1/4 inch wide. I also made sure that there was an even number of strips so that each one would have a partner to be knotted with :)

[ CUT ] – Cut your strips carefully and right up to the line that you drew.

[ TIE KNOTS ] – You can get a really neat knot by following the illustration above. Hold the right strand taut and take the left strand and loop it through itself. Do the same thing twice and you get a neat little knot.

[ KNOT ALL STRANDS ] – Do the same with every single strand by pairing them up with the neighbouring strand.

[ CROSS & KNOT ] – Get creative and criss-cross the strands in different repeated patterns and continue knotting more and more rows. When you’ve almost reach the end, you can just trim off any excess strands, as the knotting will have made some into uneven lengths.




Courtesy of Chictopia.


  • I remember when I was young and we use to make these tea shirts. They were popular for a long time. I no longer see them anywhere. Good job!

    maria on

  • So cute! def gonna do this :)

    Kyla on

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