DIY Studded Valentino Clutch

Isn't always great to make it look like you have all the top brand stuff, when just did your own little DIY? Yeah we love that! This DIY was inspired by the Studded Valentino Clutch that was seen recently on the runway. So grab a plain clutch, some studs, and get ready to get an awesome result. 

What you'll need:
A plain leather clutch
About 150 silver pyramid studs (depending on the size of your bag and studs)
A pair of needle-nose pliers  



Step 1: Position your first stud in the left corner about a half-inch away from both sides. Press the prongs through. 

Step 2: Use your pliers and flip the prongs back to attach the stud to the inside of your bag. 


Step 3: Use a loose stud to measure the distance between the first stud and the next. Attach the next stud. 

Step 4: Continue working horizontally, making sure to leave a full stud's space in between each. 

Step 5: When you reach a corner, make a sharp turn and continue studding down the new side till you make it all the way around. And there ya go!



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  • I have been fly fishing for 20 years. I used to mnagae a shop in New Mexico. I have flat wide feet, plenty of room in the toe box could have one with heavy socks. Best wading boots ever, at least for winter gear. Used them today, no problem with slippage. The shoe could use padding in the upper. That is my only complaint, the upper digs into my high ankle.


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