Be Stylish for September

September, like every month, comes with it's own set of fashion trends that you may want to learn how to master, because they could be sticking around for a while. The warm weather may be seeing it's last few weeks, but that doesn't mean you need to pack your dresses and cut-offs away. Here are a few tips to make the transition with your wardrobe this season. Closet Freak is here to help you out with that as always, and stay in-the-know with what's going on in the fashion world! 

Still Wear White AFTER Labor Day

Your Sundresses and Cut-Offs Don't Have to Be Put Away, add a Kick-A$$ Jacket!!

Wear Prints!!! We Dare You

Add a Belt

Double Up on the Denim 

Add a Cover Up

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  • do you go to school in the south? I know you pabrboly don’t want to tell everybody where you live because you never know who’s a creeper, but I live in the NW and it has yet to get warm and i’ve been out of school for a month. Anyways, I like your vlogs, i’m starting my own now let me know what you think!


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