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Fashion is always always always on the move. One thing that seems to move even faster is the brands that it's made of. Some just come and go...and some come, conquer, and forever remain in our hearts and closets. 60 some years ago there was no DVF or YSL, and now? Both brands are killing it. 20 years ago Miu Miu was barely discovered! It makes me wonder how we even survived without their brands. What would this world be without someone like Marc Jacobs??

Obviously, fashion lives in the fast lane, and some brands haven't quite grasped how to push the pedal to the metal to keep up. However, sometimes that's okay. Vintage is making a huge comeback, and it seems fashion has put on it's cruise control to shine their headlight's on those vintage brands who seem to be re-emerging season after season.

So here are some brands that have gained popularity lately. It just shows that you should never give up. The sun will sooner or later, shine on you. :)

Pringle of Scotland — Established in 1815 and originally making undergarments, the brand was saved in the 2000s from the post-'80s economic dip thanks to a Chinese investor. 

Belstaff — Founded in Staffordshire in 1924, Belstaff made its name producing high-performance waterproof jackets, goggles, gloves, and other motosporting wares that your posh great-grandfather would have relied on, eventually venturing into golf gear in the '80s

Kenzo — Kenzo was founded by designer Kenzo Takada in 1970 and brought color, pattern, and whimsy into a largely utilitarian environment. The brand kind of flew under the radar in the late '90s (for us Kenzo fans, we resigned ourselves to hard-core Kenzo thrifting for early '80s and '70s gear) until Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony took over. 

Moncler — Here's a weird brand DNA: Moncler originally started as a label for mountain climbers hoping to brave the cold.

Pierre Cardin — Pierre Cardin is a thrifter's dream, with solidly constructed vintage pieces from the '70s and '80s being killer finds for those who have a hankering to hunt. But the brand is beginning to show signs of life in the modern world, with its 90-year-old designer still at the helm (hey, some people just never retire).

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