Style Secrets Spilled

When superstar stylist Susan Joy spilled the beans on Refinery29 about her style secrets, and what she does to look forever young. Susan Joy has worked with everyone from The New York Times, to J. Crew. 

What do you do with your hair?
"Well my hair is naturally wavy, but it goes into ringlets on the bottom and it's straighter on the top. In the morning, I twist my hair back into a bun, and jump into the shower, and then my hair is done for the day. Maybe the hair will sometimes get a little Morroccanoil to control flyways or it'll get some dry shampoo if it's a little greasy or it needs a little lift, but that's basically it."

What do you do for makeup?
"For general days, I do the same thing on my eyes. I use this Clinique Lid Smoothie — it's pretty natural and I don't generally wear that much makeup. I'll use a couple of different blush colors, like Orgasm by NARS. For night, I'll do more eye and maybe less lip. And then throughout the day, I may carry a few different lipsticks with me, and sometimes I'll stick to one or maybe I'l mix it up.

What's one beauty product you can't live without?
"Moisurizer. I really love Avene — I have three different moisturizers. I have the one with sunscreen, but I don't love it as much as the rich one or the one for intolerant skin. The one for intolerant skin isn't that heavy, but it's really hydrating. It feels like water on your face. So yeah, it would be moisturizer."

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
"So many people have given this advice: wear sunscreen. It's the single best thing you can do for your skin. Wear sunscreen, all the time. As a child I got sun blisters…the Australian sun is very harsh. I would get sun blisters on my nose. If I don't wear sunscreen, I burn. Tanning is actually not part of my vocabulary."

Who is your beauty icon?
"For hair, I guess it's Blondie. And then…I don't really have one for makeup. It's like an element of this, or an element of that. It's like oh, I would love a little touch of Marilyn today, or a touch of Audrey."

Are there any modern-day celebrities whose look you really admire?
"Alexa Chung — she always looks good. I think she's ridiculously cute." 

How did you get your start in fashion and what's your advice for those looking to break into the industry?
"I studied fashion design and then decided that I wanted to be in magazines, and I started doing photo shoots on the side, and then I interned at a magazine and started working at magazines in Australia. But I was always obsessed with magazines and fashion books and just really wanted to know all about fashion throughout the ages. 

"I was always fascinated by seeing different groups of people…different social cliques and seeing how they all dress the same. How they all end had this certain thing, and you could tell that this girl was this type of person, and this girl was this — that was something that was sort of interesting and mysterious to me. And I still think that fashion is fascinating in that aspect. What it says about you and what you think you are and who you align yourself with. And what it says about your place in society, and society in general at the moment. We think that there's no cohesion as it's happening, but when you look back it totally does. You can relate it to what's going on in other areas of pop culture.

"For those looking to get into it, I would say gain knowledge. Watch all those old movies, and read books…I see a lot of girls coming through that just don't have any knowledge. Any background. They're just like 'I love fashion!' It's an US Weeklykind of thing. They need to understand things on a slightly deeper level. And then, just go work with someone, and be around it. Dive in."

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