DIY Shoe Bows!

Hey Guys I'm here with some more DIY's for you this week. DIY's are Closet Freak's favorite things. It adds to originality to your style and a piece to your closet that most people won't have. Be different is never a bad thing!!! 

This DIY is detachable bows for your shoes. Bows have been a really big thing lately and not just for little girls. They have been seen on the runway on shoes, clothing, and hair as cool accessories. So here is the step by step process on making your own bows to spice up an old pair of heels, or any pair of shoes for that matter. 

Here's What You'll Need:

  • ribbon
  • shoes
  • hot glue gun
  • leather
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • bobby pins
Click here to watch tutorial!

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  • They might help you hit the ball better, but sulery won’t fix your swing. I’ve played barefoot, in sandals without spikes, dress loafers, and have worn most brands of golf shoes over the years. The only difference I believe, is psychological and for some people, that is very important. I am a bit particular about how I look on the course from head to toe right down to the right hat in the right colors and shoes that look professional as opposed to athletic . In the end, its all about whats inside your head on this one, I’m afraid. Now, if you want better traction on your feet during the swing work on the root cause: bad balance. Hit some balls at the practice tee with your feet together and see what happens. Good luck!


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