DIY Spicing Up Lanyard Bracelets

Hey Closet Freaks. So this DIY had us having flash backs!!! Me being a 90's kid I remember sitting in my room with my beads, threads, fabrics, all that stuff; and just making my own jewlery...especially lanyards! You would think they only are made at Summer camp during 'arts and crafts' time or something like that, but really they are making a big, fun fashion statement. To avoid having your lanyard looking a little childish, follow this DIY on how to add some flavor and sophistication to your  arm swag.

Two notes…

  • Your chain should be about 3 to 4 inches. You should be able to wrap it half-way around your wrist.
  • Each piece of lanyard should be at least 2 feet long.

Here's What to Do! 

And Here's What You'll Get! 

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