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Hey Closet Freaks! So you probably wonder how we are so awesome. Closet Freak has come a long way with the help of many different people.


We want to put the spotlight today on an insanely cool make-up artist who helped us out with our Summer look-book. So please meet Sydney, and find out why we love her so much!

Q: What got you into becoming a makeup artist? Do you consider it your main career?

A: Initially a career in makeup artistry was not my first choice. However I've always had a strong creative spirit and a need to express that spirit. After deciding I wanted a career in the arts, I began exploring my options. Finding inspiration in color and texture I would obsess over beauty ads & runway makeup. I wanted to know how the makeup artists backstage could so skillfully create such dynamic takes on beauty. Thus I started researching the work of artists like Kevyn Aucoin and Sam Fine as a means of introducing myself to the industry. Like most mua's I was my first canvas. I started practicing different looks day in and day out focused on enhancing my skills. After gaining confidence in my skills and the support of family & friends I decided to enroll in school for makeup artistry. Once I completed my training, I hit the streets Los Angeles to kick off my career as a professional makeup artist. So yes, this is my main career.       

Q: Have you done make-up for any big names or events?

A: Yes I have. I have worked with multiple musicians, reality tv stars, athletes, & a few top models and actors. Dawn Richard, Teairra Mari, Laura Govan, Laura Kirkpatrick, Fo Porter, Rudy Gay, Lashinda Demus, and Tae Heckard to name a few. I've also been fortunate to have my work consistently featured in Edge Magazine ( biggest event that I've worked at thus far was the 2011 Academy Awards with Entertainment Tonight (ET).  

 Q: What is your favorite make-up brand?

A: Its pretty difficult to pick just one brand. I love so many! I can say however that Inglot, Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, L'oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, & M.A.C are all go-to products for me.

 Q: Is there a makeup artist that you look up to for inspiration?

A: Pat Mcgrath, Kevyn Aucoin, Danessa Myricks, Sam Fine, Tom Pecheux, & Alex Box are artists that constantly inspire me.

Q: Any advice for young readers who are in cosmetology school, hoping to become a big time make-up artist?

A: Dedicate yourself to your craft, be confident in your abilities and don't be afraid to push the limits of your imagination. 

To keep in touch with this talented make-up guru...

Instagram: s_milan

Our girl Sydney doing work on one of our models, then taking a well deserved pizza break. We love our Closet Freak Family!!!  





We're honoring our most current photographer that we worked with, Shy Jones, today as part of our Closet Freak Family. Get to know her, become familiar with her work, and how inspiring and talented she is. Lucky us! ;)

Shy Jones 23 female
Photographer for 1.5yr

Moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta to expand my career.

Q: What got you into becoming a photographer? Do you consider it your main career?

A: I honestly never thought about being a photographer; in high school I always saw myself being a radio personality, and or an over seas basketball player. After high school while in college I took a photography class thinking it would be an “easy A”. I started with landscape photography I thought it would be pretty cool to take picture of flowers, trees, etc, and write a poem about it. Shortly after I
developed a passion for fashion photography and the rest is history in the making! Yes, I see me being a photographer as my main career.

Q: Have you photographed any big names or events?

A: I have yet to photograph any off our big name celebrities under my personal photography company. Lucky me I've have had the opportunity to photograph Richard Grant (actor) and the Chef of Ghana and his wife Nana while assisting another photographer. As for my photography company I've shot numerous of up and coming artist ranging from musicians, painters, models, singers, and rappers.

Q: Have a favorite photographer? Why?

A: I have so many photographers I admire most. I love looking at different photographers’ work. So it’s pretty hard for me to pick and choose off of talent. If I ultimately had to choose I would choose my mentor Shaun (room703) because he took the time out of his career to help me build my career.

Q: Where/how do you gather inspiration?

A: I gather my inspiration from the people around me. My surroundings inspire me.

Q: What's your favorite thing to photograph? (Buildings, architecture, sports etc.) 

A: I love shooting people. I love the look on their face after seeing how beautiful they may look, or how I somehow managed to photograph their idea.

Q: Any advice for readers who are aspiring photographers? 

A:The only advice I can give any aspiring photographer/ artist is to push yourself and NEVER give up. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.




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  • Crown brushes can run you into hdrendus, if you are not a makeup artist why not try just MAC brushes or Sigma, they are very excellent, still fantastic quality but not as expensive as Crown. If you get the lowest Crown brushes, you are looking to spend as much as MAC brushes and it will be the same quality. if you going to invest, than i would go with the in secret series. I have some with the black handle and the bristles are coming out, would not buy it over again! I am a makeup artist and I use a bit from everybody, it depends who has a fantastic brush for my needs,I like Smashbox for powder, Bobbi for eyeliner, Nars for contour etc etc .. Excellent luck, hope it helps.


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