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With us being based in Los Angeles, we really don't expect to pull out our boots, scarfs, moto-jackets, and sweaters. Especially with the heat still breaking 100 degrees. However we all know some of you out there are experiencing typical cool Fall weather, and occasionally we get jealous. Which is why we have stocked up on some basic Winter essentials that can still be worn over our clothing in case it does get a bit chilly outside. Eventually the cold weather will hit us, and we will be ready! And we hope you will be too!! So check out some of our apparel that is ready to wear and keep you stylishly warm. 

Tsumori Chisato's basic grey sweater; a must have staple piece you should have in your closet. Closet Freak adds some spice with leopard print and lace.


Prints are a great way to add color and texture to your outfit without even having to try.


A belted coat gives your body some shape, as well as adding sophistication to a simple outfit that consists of only jeans and boots. Anthropologie makes a beautiful belted coat, and Closet Freak adds a little bit of our vintage touch with our belted jean jacket with special embroidery. 


A sheer kimono is a way to still show your outfit underneath, while also layering. If your bank account can cover this Alexander McQueen piece, snag Closet Freaks. :) 


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  • March 7, 2010They’re pretty awosmee, I think. Though I’m not so keen on the way they wrap around your ankle, it sort of reminds me of those heavy-duty bin-liners you get…-= Julia s last blog .. =-.
    Martin on

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