A Manicure Worth Millions

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Whoa. Closet Freak is a total fan of going all out with your nail game, but Kelly Osbourne seemed to take her's to a whole other level! For the Emmy's this year the Fashion Police star showed off her 250,000 manicure topped off with black diamonds in the nail polish. Crazy!!! Of course she was the target of hateful Instagrammers and Tweets, but she does not regret what she did. 

"I see that my nail polish has offended some of you, however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience. #MyApologizes," she tweeted. "And please forgive me for not regretting it. It made me feel like a queen!"

I guess if you have the money and living the life-style, what's there to regret? 

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Have a good day ya freaks!!! :) 

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  • Prečudovito! Po tem, ko ti je tale frenč tako uspela, bi jo lahko malo bolj vbjzulila, Maestra :wink:a0 res je lepo!Meni je francoska manikura lepa pod pogojem, da je čez nek mlečen lak ne sme bit prozoren, ker potem res konica preveč seka en. Zato mi je tale tvoja stvaritev všeč! Tale set om šla pa tut js iskat (če o še kakega za dobit), ker mi je ta apricot lakec res lep.za moj okus je edino kamenčkov malo prevečma res izgleda super no! A kako to drugačno francosko manikuro si že poskusila? konice drugačne barve in ne bele?js ponavadi uporaim S-He bel lak in čez Essie Montauk the end, pa pride lepo

    Bernardo on

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