Your Curves Aren't Meant to be Hidden

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The beautiful thing about women, is that we come in all shapes and sizes, each and every one of us possessing our own inner and outer beauty. However, it seems to be that the media encourages everyone to obtain a size 0 and eat salads and diet Pepsi everyday. Apparently they have never tasted chocolate! 

Recently we read an interview with the former Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, in Cosmopolitan and couldn't pass up the opportunity to share the advice and styling tips she gave to those ladies who struggle accepting what they see in the mirror. 

This nautical look offers a simple and understated outfit, with the perfect amount of skin showing in this plunging sweater. Pair with a clutch for a night out.  

America shows off her sweeter side in this LBD and pixie cut we absolutely love! When rocking your LBD, feel free to keep it simple and add a pop of color with a fun clutch

A power skirt, polished manicure, and bright smile show everyone you mean business.

This 50’s inspired dress hugs America’s waist and mixes the perfect amount of color with beading.  And any housewife would kill for her sexy glammed up ponytail! 

Look out J. Lo, America is on the block and looking sexy in this mini and funky fresh earrings.

This sleek hairstyle and plunging neckline give America the perfect amount of sexy for this all black look! 

This all-red ensemble shows us why America has stayed so hot throughout the years— look at those curves! Red can be a tough color for everyone to feel comfortable in. 

"Most of us look nothing like models. We count on our kindness and strength to get us through life.The most important thing you wear is your personality."


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  • You have to be a freak of nature to be able to pull of a dress like this! Good thing this model doesn’t have an ass, ‘cuz there’s no way that dress would have fit her!
    Peter on

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