Closet Freak of the Week

Posted by Alyssa Franco-Lozada on

 We are here with you this Friday once again for another Freak of the Week. Closet Freak just wants to take the time to thank all of you who support and look out for us because without you we would really not be here! So thank you!!! 

So here we have the gorgeous @veenatalie_ rocking out her 'Yeezy Taught Me' custom Zell Haus earrings. Do they not look amazing!? We have a lot of cute vintage accessories right now so you better go shop because we sell out! 

Want to be a Freak of the Week? Tweet or Instagram us a picture of you wearing your Closet Freak swag, and you'll be featured on our blog! Along with receiving a discount on your next purchase with us. :) xo!!  



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