Over-sized Errrrthang

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"We don't have to tell you how amazing oversized clothing is, in terms of coziness — we know you'd live your entire life in your too-big T-shirts and shorts if you never had to see another soul again. But, when it comes to chic and flattering lines? Oof — a baggy silhouette just isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, with the right balancing acts and some sneaky styling tips, you can get the best of both worlds."

Oversized Sweater — Basic, single-colored (or even colobr-locked) oversized sweaters offer an opportunity to wear your super-skinny printed jeans and leggings. Style them with basic boots and a supple, expensive-looking bag for a look that's far from shabby.


Oversized Cardigan — For a layered look that plays on this season's dress-over-pants silhouette, belt an oversized cardigan over a crisp button-down and skinny jeans. 


Oversized Blazer — Keep the '80s out of a boxy, oversized blazer by wearing it with a shorter hemline and chunky heels. We like the look of a colored or printed blazer over a textured shift dress.


Oversized Coat — A voluminous coat will instantly make you look smaller, so it's important that your shoe has some height to it. To balance out the extra fabric, decorate your neck; either a pretty collar, scarf, or necklace will draw the eye upward.







  • you’re very stylish! I look your blog every day bseouce it’s very simply and fashionable. But what about your weight? You look reallyyyyyy skin ;x

    Swati on

  • Hello, it’s a shame I’ve come across your blog at the end of your prcoejt are you tempted to continue it? I absolutely agree that some of the most worthwhile charity shop buys are jackets I have far far too many, when what I actually need are every day tops (nice ones are harder to come by, I find)The top you’re wearing looks pretty is that thrifted?

    Joel on

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