Bang'in Bangs

Hey Closet Freaks!!! So I actually just recently got a new haircut that involved getting bangs! I've always been back and forth with this hair style and get tired of it some days and then I all of a sudden love it other days. know how that is. Our hair is never good enough for us! Haha. But because I just go bangs I liked this article that Cosmo did.

 So if you are thinking about changing up your hairstyle, and still on the fence about being pro-bang, gain some inspiration from these always stylish celebrities. 

Why it Works: Beyoncé's new fringe rounds off at the corners, framing and accentuating her eyes and high cheekbones beautifully.

Styling Secret: If you have textured hair and want bangs, a de-frizzing smoothing serum is going to be your best friend. Apply it to wet hair and then smooth your strands straight using a round brush as you blow-dry. Finish the look with a mini flat iron to score B's sleek fringe.

Why it Works: Carly Rae Jepsen’s endless layers help her bangs blend into the rest of her hair, while the side pieces around her face are wispy not blunt and help frame her face.

Styling Secret: Using a flat iron is a must—not a maybe. While the slightly messy ‘do appears effortless and undone, making bangs stick straight and frizz-free is crucial so your hair doesn’t look like a hot mess. But before you turn on your hot tool, be sure to spritz on a heat protective spray to prevent scorching.


Why it Works: Zooey Deschanel’s fringe gets gradually longer on either side of her face, which not only draws mega attention to her big blue eyes, it also allows the New Girl’s naturally wavy texture to do its thing. Plus, because her bangs start far back from her hairline, it makes her fringe long enough that she can still secure the rest of the length into a low, pulled-back updo and it stays put.

Styling Secret: Coat your bangs and hair with a small amount of mousse to add texture and tame frizz. With a medium-sized, boar bristle round brush, give your bangs a slight bend at the ends while you’re blow-drying for that flipped under effect.


Why it Works: If you’re growing out your bangs—or just want to steal Emma Stone’s look for a night without committing to a cut—a severe side sweep like this A-lister’s will do the trick.

Styling Secret: With these severe bangs, always wear your hair up. Once you create a deep side part, you’ll hardly have any left on that side to wear it down. After you section your hair off to one side, pull your hair into a low pony or a bun, like Emma’s. (If your layers are on the shorter side, tuck any stray strands behind your ear.) Next, simply hold your hair in place with a few spritzes of a medium-strength workable hair spray.


Why it Works: If your bangs act like little arrows that point toward your eyes, Krysten Ritter’s cut hits the bulls-eye. Snipped midway on the forehead, this edgy look is a fresh take on a fringe and looks best on those with fine, straight strands that want to wash and go—and of course, make a statement.

Styling Secret: Not much! Since strands are so short, they automatically lie flat and don’t require flat ironing. If you crave a little shine, apply a small amount of a nourishing hair serum, but be warned: they could go into oil-slick territory fast since there isn’t much space between roots and ends.


Why it Works: Rihanna’s ultra short cut has classic rigid lines along the edges and sides, but on top has a softer side—which allows the Grammy winner to pull her ends forward onto her forehead, creating a subtle fringe.

Styling Secret: If your hair is naturally textured, like Rihanna’s, be sure to use a mini flat iron on your hair first to smooth the cuticle and erase any wave and frizz. Then, use a gel-cream to define face-framing pieces.


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  • Se5 fina bilder!He4rligt med lite kratore he5r till ve5ren och sommaren. Blir alltid lite mer liv i det. Sje4lv ska jag till frisf6ren ne4sta vecka, men har inte alls beste4mt mig ff6r hur mycket som ska klippas av. Vi fe5r ta det som det kommer. :-)Glad Pe5sk!


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