Nail Art Inspiration

Add a bit of dancer-chic to your beauty look with this nail design inspired by ballet slipper ribbons.

1. Start with A Neutral Nail Polish


Begin your manicure with a clear base coat, following it with your favorite neutral nail color. We used Yves Saint Laurent in Beige Leger.

2. Prepare Strips


Prepare your scotch tape strips by painting them your desired color. 

3. Cut Strips


After the polish dries, carefully cut tape into small strips.

4. Start Pattern


Using tweezers, place the strips on your nail at a diagonal.

5. Trim Strips


Cut the excess strip off with manicure scissors. 

6. Create Crisscross Pattern


Layer the strips to create a crisscross pattern. When you've achieved the desired look, apply two extra-thick layers of topcoat. We used Seche Vite.

The Final Look


Manicurist: Tatyana Molot
Model: Scarlett Angelina


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  • Thank you for sharing this, Jenna. Everyone has a dienerfft journey to getting where they are now and it is amazing to see how yours has developed and how God has been working in both your lives.Having a child is one of the most amazing things in this life. You have talked about how much you love your nephew. The love you feel for a child of your own is unbelievable, something that can’t be explained. On hard days, I just have to look at Kayden and know that everything is going to be ok, that he still loves me after I just yelled at him. It can definitely relate to how you feel about being dangerous . In my life I have had to work hard at controlling my temper and it is amazing how I can do that with Kayden. I HAVE to with Kayden and it is so amazing to feel God’s peace wash over me and His grace and mercy in my life as I extend that to Kayden. I see the difference in how Kayden responds to me (majorly) when I give him grace and teach him, guide him, rather than yell at him.It is an absolutely amazing journey and I know you will discover that. I am excited to hear about it as you go. And it is definitely a learn as you go experience.


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