Denim Trends

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"If there’s one fabric in our closet that works the hardest, it’s definitely our denim. Between our go-to colored skinnies and our lazy-day chambray dresses, we’ve been depending on jeans to carry us through the cold for years. But with all of this season's new patterns, treatments, and design elements, it’s getting increasingly harder to stick to our basic blues. 

The newest styles making their rounds this year are anything but boring. We’re talking fancy brocade, edgy leather detailing, and – our favorite – inky, abstract prints to take the place of our played-out summer florals."

Brocade — Is there anything more decadent than gold-strewn brocade? The rich fabric adds some serious dimension to any ordinary jeans-and-T-shirt getup.

Leather Paneling — If full-on leather is a little too much for you, try out the trend in small doses with paneling for an edgy twist on your skinny jeans.

Denim Dress — Just like its cousin, the chambray shirt, a denim dress is a great foundation for a perfectly cozy winter outfit, especially when paired with tights and an oversized cardigan.

Abstract Prints — We were hesitant to stray from the bright florals that dominated all year long, but these almost-lurid, inky prints proved to be the perfect antidote.

Piping — Universally flattering (though best for vertically challenged gals), piping elongates your legs without any flashy stripes. That sounds like a win-win to us!


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