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 "No matter your style (unless it's way fringe, in which case — you go, girl!), there are three things you'll probably wear to the grave: solid jeans, a white T-shirt, and a snuggly cashmere sweater. And, if you're like us, you put a lot of thought into each of those buys, because a quality piece that'll last you through the decade means something, helps define you, and, in turn, helps you define where you were in life when you wore it. 

But, as you get older, your go-to brands change, even if your style stays consistent; let's face it, no matter how fashionable you and your grandma are, you probably aren't buying your jeans at the same place. So, we polled the stylish women in our lives from ages 20 to 60 and found the basics that they swear by. From TSE's cashmere to A.P.C.'s denim, these are the investment buys to make, switch-out, and upgrade to each decade."

20s: For most of us, our twenties are the time we're learning how to survive on our own, and oftentimes that means choosing between paying off student loans and being able to spruce up our winter wardrobe. But start grooming good buying habits now — even if the few products you buy are more expensive than what you were used to spending in your teens, with good research, these quality buys will last you well into your 30s. Look for basics in versatile cuts, accentuating shapes, and durable, long-lasting fabrics. 

30s: Whether it's from your lunch order (no more cheeseburgers and greasy fries) to your choice of dinnerware (bye bye, paper plates!), everything in your life is starting to look a whole lot more like the person you've always dreamed of being: put together, sophisticated, and thoughtful. When it comes to basics, you're willing to spend a bit more money, but not willing to throw it away on trendy items or matronly pieces. 

40s: By now, you know what you like. Thick, substantial fabrics. Fits that won't make you look like a kid (or a geriatric). Staples you can wear out during the weekend or to the office. For your basics, you're looking for jeans, shirts, and sweaters that have class — and since you'll be wearing yours with sky-high pumps and boss-lady jewels, make sure your fundamentals have good bones to start with. 

50s: You don't have patience for things that don't work, and that also extends to your basics. Durable, extra-cozy, and super-versatile, the pieces you're looking for aren't that different than what you've been wearing for most of your life, but they do treat you with a little extra TLC. Some extra stretch in your denim and volume in your sweater will make you look modern, not juvenile.

60s: For women who've got your style experience, even basics aren't really basics. Unconventional cuts and fabrics that tell a story are what you're looking for — and why not? Your clothing should have as much spunk as you do. 



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