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Because I am an extremely shoe obsessed fashionista, I had to share this list of crazy cool shoes Refinery29 posted up on their website. The list of shoes was about thirty slideshows long, and as hard as is was, I picked my favorite four. One day I hope to add every pair to my shoe closet! 

Giuseppe Zanotti Orange Pump, $922.57, available atColette.

Reiss Ribbon Detail Shoe, $300, available at Reiss.

Opening Ceremony Olivia Ankle Strap Wedges, $510, available at Opening Ceremony.

Anniel Glitter Oxfords, $221, available at Madewell.


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  • I loved these shoes at first. The Stealth rubber is evyiethrng it’s cracked up to be very grippy. I mountain bike and used these as my riding shoes on flat pedals. The grip and traction are unbelievable your foot will stay put on your pedal, even in wet, muddy conditions. The shoes are also comfy and surprisingly cushiony in the sole. HOWEVER the sole construction is such that, almost immediately (a few rides in), the outer rubber sidewall started separating from the bottom part of the sole. Dirt and mud would pack and cake in between the crevice created there. Very annoying. Finally, yesterday, after about six months of use, the entire side of my left sole blew out. The shoes are toast. On a scale of 1-10, I give these shoes a 15 on grip/traction, but a 2 or 3 on durability. I used to ride with a pair of Puma Californias, which were the most durable shoes I’ve ever owned. 8 years in, and not a single stitch came undone, and no pieces separated. Finally, I wore through the bottoms of the soles, but that was after years of hard use. Sadly, they don’t make that shoe anymore. For riding, if you want the Stealth rubber sole, I’d recommend going with a 5-10 Impact or Karver those have entirely different sole construction, where the sidewall and bottom sole are one piece, so the separation is not an issue. My boyfriend is now riding the Impacts after he had the same issues with the soles on his Freeriders (same construction as the Ba5ic sole. Time will tell how the Impact soles hold up. I’m going to try the Shimano sh-am40 for my next riding shoe.

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