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Hey Closet Freaks! So just last week we shot a promo video for another event we have coming up. Closet Freak has been so busy lately and getting a lot of positive feedback, all thanks to the support of you! We are so excited to be moving forward at such a fast pace. 

We met some amazing people that are now a part of the Closet Freak family; as well as pulled together an AMAZING shoot to show all of you what Closet Freak is all about! 

It was a long day of look changes, hair straightening and curling, and lots of laughing. :) Take a behind the scenes look at our day and then watch the finished product at the bottom of the post! 

Our make-up artist and hair dresser for the day! They did a fab job! 

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@ annaherrb & @ riechardalexandre

Ken!!!! One talented photographer who played our camera man on set.:)

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Our talented people working on one of our models.

Getting down to the final shots of the hecka long day!

The team at the end of the day, looking all tired and stuff LOL

Click HERE to watch our promo video and visit us at

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