10Man by Our Very Own, Marissa Jack

Closet Freak has been busy lately! 2013 is going to be a great year for us. We can feel it. And part of that is because of our amazing customers, supporters, and family we have created; full of talented individuals. 

In order to be different you must be fearless, and unafraid of being yourself. Or newest edition to the Closet Freak family is Marissa Jack. Marissa modeled some product shots for us last month as well as featured in our promo video. (Watch it here.) As if she wasn't already amazing enough, she also just released her first ever music video to her song 10Man! We of course had to show support. So watch Marissa's music video below, and follow her on Twitter! (@MarissaJack)


Are you a Closet Freak?!

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