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For some of us, coffee is what get's us through are day. Caffeine in general may take the place of blood running through our veins. Me personally, I'm a Coffee Bean addict and a Starbucks gold member. So of course, I had to share with you all my top 5 favorite coffee shops here in Los Angeles! Whether I just need a quick caffeine pick-me-up, or a cool place to hangout and escape life for a bit; I always turn to these sweet little coffee shops to satisfy my caffeine cravings.  


There's nothing demi about this DTLA brew venue. Black broth may as well be the finest of wine, and there's chemistry-lab like contraptionsen masse to prove its dedication to the craft. Our top trys? The Lavender Hot Chocolate is muy bien for those who prefer to stay mellow, the Date Latte with fruit-infused syrup is heavenly, and the locally sourced treats like macaroons go well with any mug! And, true to academic form, Demitasse holds home-brewing events and roasting classes (perhaps an idea for the caffeine queen on your holiday list?).

Muse on 8th

Muse serves as exactly what its name claims. With a rotating gallery of artsy creations plastered upon its walls and a total local charm, you may just come up with your next great idea here. It's really just a zen sort of spot (the vegan-friendly fare attracts the easy-breezy type of crowd, too)!

Stir Crazy Coffee Shop

Upon first glance, a snobby caffeine fiend may think this teensy Melrose space just pours battery acid. Well, we beg to differ. And at $1.85 for bottomless beverages all day, you better believe we'd drink it anyway! As for your fellow patrons, it's all business, and fairly hip-to-drip. Definitely don't plan on showing up on a Tuesday morning to host a trunk show!

Sabor Y Cultura Cafe

People from Pasadena to Hollywood rave about the Mexican Mocha here, and its mix of spices like cinnamon and chili powder pack such a punch you may feel like doing the Macarena (please don't). The atmosphere is ideal to grab a small bite, host a mini-meeting, and at night, hit the open mic featuring a revolving door of musicians, poets, and writers.

Black Cat Bakery and Cafe

Across from the mayhem of the grove, this quaint cafe is a welcome refuge from the Mid-City storm. We recommend you sit outside, eat a hearty breakfast (waffles, please and thanks!), and then head full-bellied next door to Tini for some sick vintage decor.



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