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Refinery 29 provides an awesome article on how to style your hair with the right dress for any party you plan to go to this new year!



"I love a multi-textured bun for this, especially with a center part because it lines up with the V-neck for a sleeker look," says Cole. He also adds that because V-neck dresses are typically less dressy than other options, the multi-textured effect lends more detail to the dress. Cole is not a fan of a deep side-part with this particular look — it competes with the center line of the V-neck, creating too many lines and confusing the eye.

"If the best part about a woman is her hair, the second-best part is her cleavage," says Rose. "So don't distract from them with a lot of oversized jewelry. If wearing a necklace, keep it very delicate. Again, focus on the wrists, hands, and the ears."



For a turtleneck dress, Cole likes a softly cascading wave because "it actually enhances the neckline." Just say no to updos, though — they'll make your head look too small, which will look a little off.

Since you don't really need to accessorize a turtleneck (if you must have some bling, grab some big earrings), Rose is all about using makeup as an accent for this look. "A lot of people hate a high neck — I love it! A formfitting turtleneck can be one of the sexiest garments a woman has ever worn," she says. "A cat-eye and a nude lip will take this look really far. Or you can go the Robert Palmer video vixen route and do a smoky eye and a dark red lip. Just make sure whatever you're doing created a cohesive look."



"A sleek bun elongates the neck, and since the halter leaves the upper back bare, it allows for it to be shown off," says Cole. Stay away from hairstyles that shorten the neck — i.e., those that are left loose and not pulled back.

"Halters are a great way to showcase your arms, so I like them to be bare," notes Rose. "Nothing makes the cut of a halter stand out like a statement necklace, statement earrings, or both."



"A low side bun works well with this dress," says Cole. "When one shoulder is exposed like this, it calls attention to the bare shoulder and makes it look less angular. The bun becomes an accessory to the bare shoulder." Cole recommends avoiding hair that is left loose and straight — it won't emphasize the dress' best assets, and it hides the focal point (that sexy swath of skin) of the look.

"The asymmetrical dress is a great look, but it's hard to accessorize," says Rose. "I like keeping it one-sided with the accessories, avoiding necklaces and wearing a lot of bracelets on the arm with the covered shoulder."



Apparently there aren't a lot of styles that don't work with this type of dress — as long as they aren't too over-the-top and don't interfere with the simple neckline of the dress — but Cole loves the look of classic, undulating waves. "A strapless dress showcases beautiful, sexy shoulders and the collarbone; waxy waves cascading over the shoulders are the ultimate accessory," he says.

Just as you can't really go wrong with a hairstyle for a strapless dress, there aren't many accessories you can't wear, either. "Strapless dresses are suggestive without being trashy," says Rose. "Let your accessories do the same: Keep the neck and clavicle bare, with minimal jewelry. If you're going to wear jewelry, focus on the ears, on the wrists, and on the hands."

Blinged-Out Collar


Since the focus of this dress is all around the neck, there are usually very few details elsewhere, notes Cole. You want to walk the fine line between not competing with the neckline and complementing the rest of the dress. HIs solution? A modern pompadour. "By keeping the sides really sleek, you’re not competing with the neckline," he says. "By adding height to the front, you’re adding intrigue to make up for the rest of the dress." Genius. Just make sure you don't wear your hair down: "No use in covering up that beautifully adorned neckline," he says.

"A blinged-out collar has jewelry integrated into the outfit, so you really don't need to add much," says Rose. With that in mind, she advises you to keep your focus on jackets, shoes, and bags.



Since a long-sleeve dress covers up a lot, you can get a little more creative with your coiff. "A braided ponytail doesn’t take away from the shape of the dress because it has more going on in the back than the front," says Cole. A half-up 'do is a no-no with this dress, though — Cole says it will compete with the dress since there's a lot going on up front.

"I love the mystery of a long sleeve," muses Rose. "I would accessorize this based on how form-fitting your outfit is. If you're going for a more bohemian belle, layer on the jewelry. If your look is more form-fitting and tight, go for large statement pieces. This is a great time to wear Wonder Woman bracelet cuffs."



It may seem counterintuitive, but Cole says leaving your hair down and sleek is a great way to way your mane with a backless dress. "The hair almost becomes an A-line shape," he says. "And, since it’s silky and straight, it flows beautifully back and forth when you move," drawing people's eyes to your back. Avoid super-coiffed and spray-starched curls, as they will be too stiff and look out of place.

"Look as good walking towards them as you do walking away," says Rose. "Give me really dramatic jewelry and really dramatic makeup."


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