Trends of the Past?

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Remember buying a pair of drop-crotch pants a few years back? Remember when you donated said pants, never to return to drop-crotch land again? Yep, this is kind of like that. Even we aren't immune to flash-in-the-pan trends, and though we may have touted its awesomeness, we won't be pulling out our mullet skirts next year, either. Behold, our list of 2012 trends we'll probably regret later on. Sorry, guys.

1. Formal Pajamas — This year, we channeled our inner-Julian Schnabel. Whether it was a collective effort to trick ourselves into thinking it was alright to wear sleepwear outdoors or not, this formal pajama phenomenon might be our decade's version of the Juicy Couture tracksuit.


2. Box Clutches — A solid clutch should be able to hold your essentials (plus a little extra), tuck easily under your arm for easy double fisting, and be blingy enough to spot in a dark room. This year's ubiquitous box clutch only satisfied one of these criteria. However aesthetically arresting these little guys were, we've spent too many nights out without our stuff to deem these as anything more than a passing fad. 



3. "Tribal" Prints — Those geometric, faux-woven prints have names, but last year really saw the unfortunate rise of the "tribal" or "ethnic print" — unfair monikers for really awesome, historically significant prints. 


4. Pilgrim Shoes — This year saw all manners of jolie laide-type shoes, but the ones that — in our opinion — were definitely more laide than jolie were those Marc Jacobs pilgrim boots with the rhinestone buckle. Where's the The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test bus to cart these guys outta here?


5. Festival Fashion — Coachella started it, and electronic festivals made it crazier. The kind of outfit that involved destroyed tank-tops, fluorescent bras, micro-mini skirts, ripped jorts, floppy hat, beat-up boots, Spirit Hoods, American Flag bikinis, and way too many slashed tops (sometimes, all at once) really dominated the music-festival fashion circuit last year. 


6. Muppet Pelts — Mitt Romney said it best, "I love Big Bird," and so do we. But we're not sure if Big and the Sesame Street gang would appreciate 2012's popular plush footwear. Made famous on the Céline runway, these tricky pairs were a total head-scratcher. How and where do we wear them? Or, more importantly, do they need a regular trimming? For next year, we think we'll strictly stick to fuzzy-lined house slippers or nothing at all.


7. The Sheer Mullet Skirt — Another fixture among festivalgoers and bloggers alike, this half-there, half-not skirt made us, well, conflicted. A seasonally ambiguous trend (because it's long, yet doesn't actually conceal much), the mullet skirt may become one of those trends that will make our future grandchildren giggle at us.


8. Day-Glo Jeans — We're guilty on all accounts of partaking in this particular trend. Blame it on the bright colors for the initial oohs and aahs, but we have a feeling the shocking shades may have taken us into Pixie-Stick-legs territory rather than the rad colorblocking we love.


9. The Extra-Wide-Brimmed Hat — While we usually love a good wide-brimmed fedora, there was a certain way of wearing it that really made us cringe. You know — pushed to the back of the head, worn with a center part, like Zorro if he was a 16-year-old blogger from Sweden. How does it stay on? Why would one need a vertical hat? Do these come free with round sunglasses?


10. Round Sunglasses — Speaking of those round sunglasses, these specs — pardon the pun — round out our list. From Three Blind Mice miniatures to gigantic, Human Fly frames, these round glasses were the shape of the season. Looking through rose-tinted glasses may be nice and all, but let's just make sure that the frames they come in for 2013 are a whole lot more attractive.





What do you think? Do you agree that we need to leave some of these trends in 2012 and start fresh in 2013? Tweet me your personal opinion because I am super interested! @xolyssalo or @theclosetfreak with hashtag #blogtalk :)







  • I know this is a long shot, but do you remember where you found the image of those glasses? I, uh, might really want a pair of that specific style.

    Clay on

  • I know this is a long shot, but do you remember where you found the image of those glasses? I, uh, might really want a pair of that specific style.

    Clay on

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