Whether you gravitate toward glitter, want an unexpected take on metallics, or prefer a hint of sparkle, you'll find plenty of inspiration in these manicure ideas. The best part: you don't need to be an artiste to re-create these looks at home. (We'll raise our glass to that!)

So, chill the bubbly, break out the noisemakers, and get ready to let your digits shine. Because if you're counting down the seconds until the clock strikes midnight, you might as well do so on well-polished nails. 

"Paired with gunmetal accessories, pastels suddenly feel less precious. Here, the metallic microglitter in Topshop's Valley nail polish adds a hint of shimmer to its creamy mint base. "Green is a hard color to pull off, but this is mild," Barokas says. "Because of the silver specks, it's more interesting."  

"Shimmer is always a good option for New Year's Eve," Barokas says. We couldn't agree more. Here, she created a multidimensional look by layering The New Black polish in 24 Hour Party Purple over a base of CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Vio-Last."

"Late-night celebrations call for something special, and dark red nails with a champagne-colored outline are pure glamour. "The half-moon manicure, as we've seen it, is kind of done," Barokas says. "This is a little different. Regular half-moons come down the nail, cutting it off. But doing it in reverse with a lighter shade elongates the nail."

"Glitter doesn't have to feel juvenile. Case in point: this gold-on-champagne pairing looks more luxe than little-girl. "Glitter sometimes looks young," Barokas admits. "But, because this particular glitter is multidimensional, it looks more sophisticated."

"Think French manicures are cliché? Not when they're done with a pearlized finish and topped off with colorful glitter. "This iridescent color has tones of nude and lavender," Barokas says. "It still has a natural appearance, but when the light hits it, it shines."


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