Pumped Up Kicks

Being the insane shoe addict that I am, I had to post some pictures of the raddest shoes I have seen this season! I love shoes where you can just wear a pair of skinnies and a t-shirt, and add some funky heels. And these heels are def. the perfect addition to any closet.


"In the gospel of shoes, one phrase has always reigned supreme: "The higher the heel, the closer to heaven." Well, today, we're coming at you with an addendum: "Try a wackier pair and your outfit's already there!" And you know we speak the truth — especially on those days when you're feeling lazy, but still want to make a statement.

It's simple: A zany shoe instantly infuses any getup with bold gusto. So, to heel your wardrobe woes, here's an assortment of Givenchys, Kenzos, and Jeffrey Campbells that will have you strutting proudly even if the rest of your outfit is a bit snoozy. Take a peek and we promise there won't be a yawn in sight."
































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