Pull it Together

"You know what they say about a team only being as strong as its weakest link? That applies to your closet, too. While it may contain some trustworthy players, some MVP rookies, and some left-field stars, everyone has those stragglers that sit in the corner, dusty and forgotten. 

If, like us, you're the sartorially sentimental sort, it's hard to get rid of those pieces...and wearing them in the same context they once were worn can be nigh to impossible. However with a little finagling, you can wear them out again...without feeling like you're in costume. Behold, fashion's four closet curveballs — and how to hit 'em out of the park!"

The Bridesmaid Dress — The goddess draping, the dusty jewel tones, the modest lengths — there's something about a bridesmaid dress that screams I'm part of the wedding party even long after the ceremonies are long over. To combat it, wear the dress with edgy, modern, on-trend pieces, like cap-toed, pointed pumps, a dark, smoky eye, and a structured blazer that the bride would have never let you wear on her big day.

Your College Sweatshirt — If you've got a crew-neck sweatshirt (sorry, guys — we tried figuring out how to modernize a hooded sweatshirt, but we're still at a loss), wear them with thick, patterned pants, heeled boots, and a bright tote bag. It's what your college self would have worn to tailgate had she gotten over her let's-cut-up-some-T-shirts phase.

The Interview Suit — Even if you don't work in a corporate environment, chances are that you own a skirt suit for those few times you interviewed for one. You wear your blazer plenty, but that poor pencil skirt hasn't ever been invited out to play. Dress it up with fun wedges, a moto jacket, and a sweater that's both luxe and laid-back.

Those Retired Running Shoes — Your old running shoes served you well on the track, but even though they're not fit for serious pavement pounding anymore, they're still shoes. Keep the casual thing going, but choose pieces that are a little more elevated: Think printed jeans, a beautifully draped tee, and an army coat with some structure. Top it off with a necklace — no sweat!

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