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"Shown on models with Pythagorean proportions, made by maestro designers, and put together by a professional stylist (not to mention an art director, production team, and fleet of other helping hands), collections presented during Fashion Week can look too good to be true. And, oftentimes, when we finally get to try on the styles and trends on our own bodies some six months down the line, we find out that theyare

Still, we were able to spot the styling tricks that'd work for women who don't have a modeling contract under their belts. Even better, these 20 tips work with the clothes you already own. Consider them the best winter-survival kit, ever."

This article was my life saver! It's easy to see something on a model and think "Oh I can rock that"...only to come and find that when you actually try the styling trick on your on body, it doesn't exactly work so well. But that's ok! We are all made different, and some styles were meant for some of us, and some weren't, so all we can do is admire from a distance. But you still shouldn't miss out on trying something new and switching up your wardrobe a bit. I always have this problem with looking at my closet and feeling like I have nothing to wear. When the truth is I may just have an off day and not know what pieces to put together. 


There's a reason that peplums, waist belts, and overskirts are so flattering. Tap into all three by tying a long-length, patterned jacket around your waist (take it a step further, like Kaelen did, by matching the prints!).

For evening gowns that are a touch too big, try cinching it with a body harness like the ones Zana Bayne made for Prabal Gurung. Pro tip: If the dress features a wrap bodice that's too loose or draping that's too cumbersome, a harness holds them in place, as well!

Create the illusion of an oversized collar by belting a flat scarf against your body.

To make jumpsuits a whole lot less intimidating, wear it with a solid-colored, neutral blazer.

Cold out? Wear two coats on top of each other. Make sure the inner one is buttoned and slightly longer. It helps if your outermost coat coordinates with your trousers! 

Layer two skinny belts on top of each other to create one thicker, color-blocked one.

Layer your gauzy white dresses on top of each other to crate an ethereal, mille-feuille look.

Can't get enough print mixing? Don't forget about your socks — it can be the bit of intrigue that'll push your mix-and-match look to the next level.

Skirts over pants is still an underdog trend looking to make some headway into our wardrobes. If you want to sink in slowly, try wearing a shirtdress over skinny pants and under a sweater.


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