DIY: Dream Catcher

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"For some, getting a solid six hours of sleep is a feat in and of itself, which means that remembering the secrets your subconscious whispers during those forty winks is entirely out of the question. But, if you're up for an advanced course in nocturnal healing, we like the idea of looking to Native American tradition. Originating with the Ojibwe Nation, dream catchers have served a wide range of purposes, and we see them as a beautiful way to awaken — and capture — the imagination. 

And since you may not have the big bucks saved up to travel for the real deal or to spend on an ornate Etsy rendition, we asked our pal Natalie Shriver from Design Love Fest to help you create a wondrous — and totally affordable — web of your own. Just follow these simple DIY steps, and, after the work's been done, we give you permission to doze off and dream a little dream."

So as you may know I am a huge DIY fan. So you can only imagine my imagination when I saw this new DIY up on Refinery29. They are my go-to site for killer ideas on how to DIY anything basically. So check it out and if you tried it out yourself tweet us pictures so we can feature you on our blog! (@theclosetfreak) Now, the steps to this DIY were super long and there was a lot of them, so to see a detailed slideshow check it out here! But the pictures below are your ideal outcome. They are so dreamy!!!

Meet Natalie, the craft whiz who runs the Make Itcolumn on DLF. The central web is meant to catch positive fantasies, while the hanging feathers act as step stools for them to glide down into the mind (so neat, right?).

Now you're set to dream and scheme!


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